New York-based Pistolera writes great Mexamerican songs, and it has at least two other aces up its sleeve besides that: one, the accordion of Maria Elena, which is crisp as iced lettuce, and, two, the singing of Sandra Velasquez, who has a distinctive voice...
— PopMatters

“Not only is this a great listen, this album ought to be mandatory in Spanish classes in American schools. Velasquez’s crystalline, subtly nuanced vocals are easy to understand, the tunes are fun to sing along to – and her lyrics pack a wallop. No doubt you’ll be seeing this on a lot of “best albums of the year” lists by the end of 2011.”-Lucid Culture

“El Desierto y La Ciudad is an evocative and gorgeous record that will play with your emotions and grip your heart.”– First Coast News

“Pistolera frontwoman Sandra Velasquez has not given herself an easy assignment: write searching, often politically conscious lyrics in Spanish with traditional Latin music instrumentation (such as jarana, accordion and tuba) for a diverse audience…the results are often glorious and galvanizing (“Guerra,” a translation of Bob Marley’s “War,” couldn’t be more relevant). The musicianship is superb here, and it’s a pleasure to listen to a whole museum of brass, bongos, congas, caxixi, maracas and pandereta incorporated beautifully into a sound that doesn’t fit neatly into any genre.”-Billboard (review of “En Este Camino”)

“Pistolera melds the sass of indie rock with traditional Latin sounds to create compelling pop melodies, all of it sung entirely in Spanish.” -Billboard Magazine

“…a foot-stomping sound that’s one part ranchera and one part indie-pop.”
-The New Yorker

…already one of the top new records of 2011
— The Santa Barbara Independent
Pistolera asoma la cabeza a una nueva trayectoria en la que pisa firmamente.
— Rolling Stone Mexico

“Listening to Pistolera’s self-released debut, “Siempre Hay Salida” (“There’s Always a Way Out”), or watching lead singer and guitarist Sandra Lilia Velásquez stamp out a beat in her boots to bandmate Maria Elena’s accordion melodies, you inevitably feel as though you’ve landed in the heart of Mexico.
The blend of soulful ranchera, peppy cumbia, and Spanish lyrics evokes a feeling that’s distinctly south of the border, yet not too far south.”
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-The Boston Globe

“Stand back, shoegazers and head-bobbers: Pistolera is taking the famously apolitical indie-rock scene by storm. The Brooklyn-based, four-piece rock band puts on a show that feels like an outdoor Latin music festival smack dab in the middle of a heated immigration rally. Click here to read full article
-Mother Jones

“Sandra Lilia Velasquez leads the fantastic New York based band Pistolera, which fuses traditional Mexican music with pop rock into something gorgeous and inventive.”
– Houston Chronicle

Not so much an ethnic record as an international record, it’s a wild trip south of the border to a desert being chased by urban sprawl. A must for the open eared looking for killer, new kicks.
— Midwest Record

“In their debut album, Siempre Hay Salida, this stylish foursome deliver positive messages that make you want to think and dance. I predict that Mexican-American Vocalist & Guitarist Sandra Lilia Velasquez will be the Joan Jett/Lila Downs of web savvy Latino Gen Y’ers who can’t get enough of artists who rock out with their accordions.” Click here to read full article
– Urban Latino

“Pistolera es fuerte. Pistolera es peligrosa. Pistolera es roquerota y rancherota a la vez. El cuarteto neoyorquino…bien podría estar tocando toda la noche en una cantina de mala muerte o bien podría convertirse en la banda más popular del canal MTV.”
– San Diego Union Tribune, Enlace

“Pistolera revoluciona la escena indie de Nueva York. En menos de una año y medio este cuarteto ha transcendido las barreras del lenguaje con su musica.” – El Diario

“Pistolera se caracteriza por su pop latino que parte del folkor mexicano recreado en el rock. El estilo con que Maria Elena toca el acordeón, la dulzura de los coros de la baterista Ani Cordero, a la vez que no descuida la relación del ritmo con el bajo, ejecutado por Inca B. Satz, hacen junto a la majia progresiva de Sandra una Buena propuesta musical.” – ASCAP Latino

Esta banda sigue demostrando que la simplicidad y el talento conforman siempre una formula de éxito.
— AlterExa