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SOMOS Pistolera


Highly regarded New York band Pistolera has toured its accordion-driven dance songs in six different countries since its debut in 2005. Led my Mexican-American songwriter Sandra Lilia Velasquez, the band has released three studio albums, Siempre Hay Salida (2006), En Este Camino(2008), El Desierto Y La Ciudad (2011). Pistolera has shared the stage with Los LobosLila Downs, Vieux Farka Toure, and many others, and has performed at Town Hall in New York City, Massey Hall in Canada, Teatro Circo in Portugal, and high profiles festivals such as The Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Ollin Kan (Mexico), Central Park Summerstage (USA), Celebrate Brooklyn (USA), Antwerp Summer Music Festival, and Sfinks (Belgium).  In 2011 they were invited to perform an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Their music has been featured in numerous television shows, most notably in Episode #12, Season 4 of the AMC hit television series “Breaking Bad”



Vocals & Guitar / Sandra Lilia Velasquez
Accordion / Maria Elena
Bass / Inca B. Satz
Drums / Sebastian Guerrero





I don’t think I’d ever seen a band achieve such swift, dramatic growth in the direction of its music, while still maintaining all the elements that make it unique, until I heard El Desierto y la Ciudad (The Desert and the City) by Pistolera.

‪On its first two albums, the Brooklyn band had a sound that was pure Mexican throwback. The group performed rancheras, polkas, cumbias and corridos in pretty much the same way I’d always heard them on the radio in my mom’s kitchen. But on El Desierto y la Ciudad, out July 12, singer-songwriter Sandra Velasquez makes a big shift from that rustic flavor to a feel that’s more modern and introspective.

‪The accordion has always been a big part of the Pistolera sound. On this album, the instrument remains front and center, but it’s used in unconventional and even daring ways. It’s often employed the way a keyboard would be: laying fat, juicy chords within the mix of electric and acoustic guitars.

That inventive sense of arrangement, combined with great songwriting, elevates El Desierto y la Ciudad above and beyond its traditional source material. The result is a major step forward for a songwriter and a band that deserves wider recognition. With this album, Pistolera just might get it.
— NPR, Felix Contreras